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There is a wide network and deep research base developed by our Firm in the Technology sector, giving us the credibility and the cutting edge to execute assignments seamlessly, especially for operations relying on fast ramp up models, or (re)focusing on new business areas.

We have strong discerning capabilities which ensure an accurate alignment between the requirement and the solution. This is a key strength which enables us to successfully execute highly specialized technical assignments such as Sr. R&D, Product Development and Design, Sr. Architects, Quality etc.

 ° Medical Scientist
 ° Computer Aided Diagnosis
 ° Medical Imaging
 ° ADSL Technologies
 ° Communication Software / Mobile Development & Application
 ° Retail Software Product
 ° Semiconductor
 ° CRM Solutions
 ° E-Business / E-Commerce
 ° Business Intelligence
 ° IT Education & Training 

 Successful engagements

VP/ Director- Engineering
Director- Mobile Development & Application
Director- ADSL Technologies
Scientist- Medical Imaging
Head- Equity Technologies
Head- Custody Solutions
Head – Wireless
Head – Enterprise Application
Global Head – Delivery
VP – Projects
Chief Architect – Products
VP – R&D
Chief Product Scientist
Practice Head – Retail Software
Lead Assessor
Development / Technical Lead
Head - Marketing
Head - Human Resources


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