• Our international reach and network which has evolved over the years, enables us to credibly connect with a cross section of candidates - locals, expatriate or Professionals of Indian Origin (PIO) in the overseas markets.

  • The returning PIO who left the shores of the country in the quest for exciting opportunities across the globe, and interested in returning to the subcontinent finds a bridge through us. The changing landscape and world class opportunities now available make it attractive for many to return.

  • Global networking and a proactive outreach programme facilitates towards reversing the ‘brain drain’ cycle and enriching the talent pool through high quality PIO induction.

  • Large sections of the PIO talent are also internationally mobile. Our proximity and understanding of this Diaspora helps facilitate talent access for our clients looking for highly qualified managerial, technical or domain experts to be located in any region of the world.

  • Continuously upgraded global network in an offshore model while the execution of each assignment is an offshore-onshore exercise

  • Globally, InterSearch is commissioned with mandates for hiring solutions in all continents. The PIO Practice thus becomes an augmentative pool of International Executives for global assignments.
Spearhead Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.