Spearhead InterSearch

Our talent identification programme straddles the global markets, which has enabled us to successfully execute assignments involving specialized skills not only for India based operations but also internationally located assignments.

Globally InterSearch is comissioned for hiring solutions in all continents.

The international reach and network that we have developed over the years, enables us to credibly connect with a cross section of candidates - locals, expatriate or professionals of Indian origin (PIO) in the overseas markets.

If required, we identify senior / critical talent of local nationalities. For eg: Swedish National for a senior assignment based in Sweden or a Japanese national for a Country Head position based in Tokyo.

We have tapped talent in India for successful translocation to international centres both in technical and managerial positions.

PIO’s (Professionals of Indian Origin) – Senior professionals who had left the shores of the country in their quest for exciting opportunities across the globe and willing to return to the subcontinent, given the changing landscape and world class professional opportunities now available.

Since our networking is global, the operational reach facilitates reverse brain drain from markets such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

- Companies looking at setting up operations in international markets… senior staffing requirements for such an enterprise
- Companies expanding existing operations in the global markets requiring leadership skills
- We can identify specific consultants / advisors for interim assignments required on a project basis

Our network for such activities is continuously upgraded in a global model while the execution of each assignment is an onshore exercise.




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