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Delivery and success are more often than not a result of painstaking and meticulously planned processes - they are not adhoc by products or accidents.

A "Process" helps one understand the possibilities of the eventual outcome, the time involved, defines the task and the target, ensures a feedback mechanism, and moves forward in a logical sequence enabling you to integrate this into your business & organisation development plan in an assured manner. Our approach of executive search is totally process based with a structured and systematic method which is proactive, detailed and target oriented that selects industries and within them managers who have the appropriate background, training, experience, personal traits and characteristics to meet your requirements. Every assignment is dynamically constructed to meet your specific needs, which is based on market realities and contributed through focused research.

Potential candidates are identified, their interest in the assignment ascertained and interviewed in detail. Apart from the process being highly interactive, checks and balances are inbuilt to ensure the search is progressing along desired lines. This minimises mismatch of any parameter thereby preventing failure. A relative analysis yields a prioritized set of candidates who are presented for final evaluation and seamless integration into your organization. We assist the client from designing the profile to developing a mutually acceptable offer as well as facilitating the final candidate's successful entry into your company. Administrative assistance to our clients such as scheduling, logistics co-ordination etc. is personally provided as part of the consulting service.


The entire process is extremely meticulous and we maintain high standards of confidentiality. Classified information is treated with utmost care and professional sensitivities are stringently respected.


High standards in our code of ethics are maintained and assignments that could potentially risk our client's position in any respect are not undertaken. All information of our client organisation in any form is kept in strictest confidence and client executives are off limits for us. Only that information which the client would like us to share with candidates is furnished.

° Our Business Approach

Working on a Partnership model, we represent you as one entity and undertake this critical mandate on an exclusive basis ensuring strong commitment, better focus and a positive professional image in the market place. Our process of identification & assessment of candidates, normally ensures a very high compatibility outcome but should a person recruited by us leave our client's organisation within a stated period of employment, we conduct a prioritized search in shortened time frames at no additional fee.

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